Take your Real Estate Career to the next level!
20 Point buyer presentation
This proven process will allow you to dramatically increase conversion ratio from 1st appointment to signed buyer!
Become Purposeful Instead Of Entrepreneurial!
What's Included
A Power Point presentation 
to review with your clients.
This can be done on a laptop, desktop or in
hard copy format away from a computer.
An Audio Download of Shon Kokoszka
giving the presentation
This is designed to assist you with the memorization
of your presentation and to make sure that your
voice inflections are correct. 
24 Script Cards
These are the best buyer script cards available. They enabled Shon Kokoszka to sell over 100 buyers per year and have several $100,00 commission months. They sell your services and benefits to the consumer.
New Buyer Sign In Survey
This form is designed to ask all of the qualifying 
questions that need to be asked. 
Are You an A, B or C Buyer
This is a form that gives the definition of an A Buyer, B Buyer and C Buyer and at the bottom asks them to rate themselves according to the definition. 
Presentation Manual For Your Client
As you go through the Power Point Presentation with your client, this booklet is a "fill in the blank" format. It also has a section on taking notes on homes that you'll see together.
Soft Sell Buyer Agency
This form tells them everything that is 
great about Buyer Agency
By using this, you will be able to get direct, immediate feedback from the prospect by helping them complete the form after each showing. There is a mortgage table and a list of everything they need to provide to the lender in order to become credit-approved. The booklet also has a page where they can fill in the dates of the contract you write for them for easy tracking and eliminates the unnecessary phone calls into the office. 
"… I want to thank you for propelling my Real Estate career to a new level of success…Utilizing your 20-Point Buyer Presentation, I have tripled my monthly volume of qualified appointments with prospects and have a 100% conversion rate turning these prospects into qualified clients.
In addition, EVERY prospect has willingly & enthusiastically signed the Buyer-Broker Agreement at the conclusion of our consultations."

– Michael F Howard, "The Bizzy Blondes" 
Keller Williams Marina/LA
That's the average commission on a sale of a home.  And I GUARANTEE you will make at least one sale with this system...or your money back.
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the kokoszka group 20 point buyer presentation
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